Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Murtha: U.S. has lost 'militarily' in Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Renewing his calls for a complete troop withdrawal from Iraq, Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, told CNN Tuesday he believes America has lost in the region "militarily."

"Militarily we have lost -- there is no question about it, we cannot win this militarily." Murtha told Wolf Blitzer on the "Situation Room."


"There is no way the United States can solve this problem," Murtha said. "We have gotten so far out and we have missed our opportunity, if we ever had an opportunity early on, to stabilize Iraq. Since we didn't do it then, it cannot be done now."

Murtha also sharply criticized the recommendation of sending more troops to Iraq. "They don't have an achievable mission -- a defined mission which they can point to," he said. "What's the point in sending another 40,000 troops?"

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