Thursday, November 16, 2006

Senate agrees India nuclear proliferation deal ...... WOO - HOO MANGO"S FOR EVERYONE


The US Senate has overwhelmingly voted to pass a controversial deal to share civilian nuclear technology with India.
The deal was proposed over a year ago as a way to boost ties with a strategic ally. In exchange, India must allow the US to inspect its civilian reactors.

Critics have argued the agreement will be detrimental to global anti-nuclear proliferation efforts.

But President George W Bush hailed the move as bringing India into the "nuclear non-proliferation mainstream".

"As India's economy continues to grow, this partnership will help India meet its energy needs without increasing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions," he said.

The legislation was adopted by 85 votes to 12 in the Senate after a series of proposed amendments - which India had opposed - were defeated.

The Senate bill and a version passed by the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress, must be reconciled and approved by Mr Bush before the legislation can take effect. .......

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