Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lieberman opts for Net sell-out

David Isenberg writes that his Senator, Joe Lieberman, has announced in the most mealy-mouthed language he could that, while he suppports Net neutrality, he is going to vote for the telecom industry's bill. Writes Isenberg, a former AT&T Bell Labs staffer:

Lieberman's beard — that he supports the principle of net neutrality — is bogus to the max. Once the telecom bill becomes law, there will be no impetus to bring the Snowe-Dorgan Net Neutrality Bill to the Senate floor, to the House, et cetera. The telcos will already have everything they want!

Here's the link to send Lieberman email. Here's the link to support Lieberman's opponent, Joe Lamont, in the general election. Here's where Lieberman's vote leaves you, the consumer.

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