Saturday, August 26, 2006

U.S. Senator (Allen) Confronted Over Race Questions

STAUNTON - Just when U.S. Sen. George Allen was starting to put a controversy behind him, the junior Virginia senator was confronted by a man Friday asking him if he had ever used the word “nigger.”

Stopped after finishing a speech at the Staunton Holiday Inn, Allen told first-year University of Virginia law student Mike Stark he had never used the word.

Stark also asked Allen why he had a Confederate flag and a noose in his office.

Allen asked Stark if this was an interview, and also asked if he could talk later because he was meeting with media.

Stark, 37, was asked to leave the Holiday Inn by Allen aide David Snepp.

Stark then asked Snepp if he worked for the hotel. A short time later, a hotel employee asked Stark to leave.

1 comment:

Emerson Crossjostle said...

Confederate flag and a noose?
That's real smart.
Must these people run for office? Or breed? :(