Friday, June 30, 2006

U.S. Newswire: Is Era of Right-Wing Site Popularity Over?

WASHINGTON -- An odd thing seems to have happened to the mighty right-wing talking head juggernaut. They are still talking, but fewer people seem to be listening -- at least on the Internet. -- -- which is owned and operated by, tracks on-line usage for all Web sites, large and small. At, you can check a site's activity up to the minute, or follow its trail back for many years.

A U.S. Politics Today, we thought it might be interesting to see how the right-wing media machine was doing. Not well, it turns out.

During the past three months, for instance, traffic has declined 18 percent. He still huffs and puffs away on the radio, but advertisers might want to double check the size of his audience. If the bottom has dropped out on him online, it likely has had a similar trend line with his radio show.Even Fox News, that gold standard of right-wing media, is down 13 percent.

Here are the numbers:

(More: Ann Coulter's site down 10%, Bill O'Reilly's down 40% in three months, down 24%,Washing Times web site down 27%, and poor old Matt Drudge's site down 21%.)

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