Sunday, March 26, 2006

America's Bullshit Myths


If one is to understand the apparently incongruent actions of the U.S. government it is imperative to view events in the proper context.

Too many of us are muddled in trying to explain U.S. policy from the perspective that we are a democratic republic undivided by socioeconomic class.

This is not surprising. After all, this is what we were taught from earliest childhood; and the belief has been reinforced all the way to the grave.

However, the absurdity of this assertion should be obvious to any student of history. The hypocrisy of rhetoric versus the reality created by policy is simply too great to ignore, and it is growing worse every year.

To understand American policy in historical context we must divorce ourselves from the old paradigm that has been ingrained in us - America as a classless democratic republic.

This is simply a popular myth used by the ruling class to deceive and subvert the working class into servitude. U.S. policy makes sense only when we examine its formulation as stemming from plutocratic interests, rather than democratic principles

America as we know it was founded upon the eradication of its indigenous people—the American Indians. When the declaration of independence was written, slavery was the institution that drove the economic engines of the country.

The merchant class emerged as the ruling class—the farmers and the artisans fell into the working class.

From its very inception, America was never a true democracy because it did not allow the citizenship a great proportion of the population—including non-white males, women and slaves.

The founding fathers never intended to create a true democratic republic. This was the basis for what was to become a nation divided by class and gender.

Ironically, there was a viable democracy in operation during this period of colonial history—the Iroquois nation. Thomas Jefferson recognized this fact and sought to base the Constitution in part on these behaviors.

But like all democracies encountered by plutocracy, the Iroquois nation was brutally eradicated.

Democracy and plutocracy cannot peacefully coexist. Plutocracy is a doctrine of conquest and subjugation that cannot be reconciled with democracy.

It was the elitism fostered by plutocracy that morphed into the doctrine of Manifest Destiny that drives U.S. policy to this day. .......

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